«ON SPEED» av Christian Blom

On Speed (2013)

Everything about a creature that comes out of a shell is dialectical, and since it does not come out entirely the part that comes out contradicts the part that remains inside.(Bachelard 1958, 108)

On Speed is a machine that composes patterns utilizing the growth and melting of ice crystals. 

Through technology and hermit crabs I become aware of my limitations as a sensory being. They tell me: You are limited. You only experience a partial reality, there is more, fully functioning, just not for you. I find this to be a relief. It leaves me a bigger room for error and makes me less important.

On Speed focuses rhythm, time and the limits of perception. On Speed is both too fast and too slow for me. But, the term tempor(e)alities, coined by Wolfgang Ernst, opens the work up and focuses the notion that there are different time – realities at play. On Speed displays a variety of tempor(e)alities from 2 300 000 000 cycles per second to a crystal growing at the rate of falling water molecules in any given room.

Out of the wall comes alternating current at 50 Hz, that is 50 cycles per second, the computer runs at 2,3 GHz and the clockspeed of the micro-controller is 16 Mhz. These simple terms, the gigas and megas, hide amazingly fast rhythms. A MHz is 1 000 000 cycles per second and a GHz is 1 000 000 000 cycles per second, a superfast poly – rhythm is playing under the hood of On Speed. If I add that the computer asks the microcontroller what´s the temperature, at yet another rate. And, in my program I have clocks ticking at 1 Hz, buffers storing sets of instructions and so forth. This is no longer just a reminder of the lack of my ability to sense this, I can not even begin to comprehend these speeds beyond a cartoon-like idea of superfast.

Christian Blom

Christian Blom works in music composition, installations and performance. Blom works as a solo artist and in collective groups. His main collaborators are Verdensteatret, Winter Guests and Ellen Røed. Blom’s work has been shown at Ircam, Empac, Shanghai Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Guangzhou Art Museum, Audio Art Festival Krakow, Lydgalleriet, Metamorf, PS122 New York, Ultima, Steirischer Herbst, Theatre Der Welt, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Nordic Music Days, World Music Days and several other national and international institutions. He has received commissions from NRK, Bit20-ensemble, asamisimasa, Ensemble Ernst, Ellen Ugelvik,  Eir Inderhaug, NUSO, NOTAM and Ny Musikk amongst others. Bloms work can be viewed and heard at www.christianblom.com , spotify and itunes. Bloms music is released by MERE Records.


«On Speed» av Christian Blom. Foto: Christian Blom.



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