Conversation Between Bodies

A collaboration between a yeast dough, a plant, Sara Rönnbäck and Daniel Slåttnes. The aim has been that we collaborate as a group and have a palpable feeling for each other’s approach – through spending time together, working in the same space and to dare let us be influenced by each other. Together we seek to create an exhibition that points out the weight of «quiet» communication that the senses lend themselves to in a dialogue. The result was a series of containers for bodies (or thoughts). The containers are interconnected through cables that together create a sound. The sound can be seen as a dialogue between bodies located in the room. The audience was invited to experience what the plant, the yeast dough, Sara and Daniel have experienced during the process – through sight, touch and smell.

Daniel Slåttnes

Daniel Slåttnes lives and works between Oslo and Västra Ämtervik, Sweden. He completed his MFA at the Art Academy of Oslo in 2014. Recent exhibitions include Conversations Between Bodies (with Sara Rönnbäck), BOA in Oslo in 2017: Seances with Materials, Podium in Oslo and Hotel Pro Forma in Copenhagen 2015, Platform 1-12 Slovakia in 2017.

Slåttnes works with «performative sculptures» to explore boundaries between the artistic input and the materials he works with. Slåttnes is currently working on a series of sculptures in collaboration with a houseplant. Since 2014, he has been going to a psychotherapist in Oslo with the goal to see my sculptures as subjects. I am now in a period with research for an exhibition next year that will include technological solutions to connect with the sculptures. Upcoming exhibitions in 2017 @ Oslo Project Space, Gallery BOA, Platform 1-12 and Gallery Ask.


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