(In four parts: Crush-3, Cleavage Plane, Golondrina, Fractures Frozen in Time)

Aftershock is a four-part multimedia sound installation that places the listener spatially and metaphorically inside the inner workings of fragmenting fault zones occurring unseen, deep inside the earth’s crust. The work immerses listeners in a cacophony of sound as they experience these processes and patterns unfolding in time and space. Numerical data gleaned from observations of natural geological faults, laboratory experiments and simulations describing rock mechanics, are used to drive the organisation of the sonic materials, predominantly through a method called parameter-mapping sonification. The sound inputs to the sonification are the sustained and intermittent pings, cracks, burrs, plops and bangs, occupying both audible and ultrasonic audio ranges, which emanate from rocks under pressure.

Natasha Barrett

Dr Natasha Barrett (UK / Norway) is a composer, performer and researcher in the field of contemporary electroacoustic art music. She received her doctoral degree in 1998 from City University in London and has since followed a career predominantly as a freelancer. Her work encompasses acousmatic and electroacoustic concert composition, sound installations, theatre music, large-scale outdoor media productions and interactive sound-art. She regularly collaborates with designers and scientists, as well as musicians and visual artists. Her work is inspired by acousmatic sound and the aural images it can evoke, particularly in terms of the evocative implications of space. Besides her compositional activities, she has been employed as a researcher at the Department for Musicology, University of Oslo, and as a professor in electroacoustic composition at the Norwegian State Academy for Music.


Portrett: Jan Erik Breimo.
«Crush-3 installation space» av Natasha Barrett. Foto: Natasha Barrett.

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