«HOSPICE LAZY» av Alwynne Pritchard

Hospice Lazy (2014)

Hospice Lazy is a collaboration between Alwynne Pritchard (composer, physical performer) and the Trondheim-based Alpaca Ensemble (Else Bø – piano  Sigrid Stang – violin and Marianne Baudouin Lie – cello). Inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s idea of a “hospice des paresseux”, a place where lazy people can take refuge, the piece explores the many manifestations and implications of laziness through music, text, movement and specially constructed machines designed in collaboration with Vigdis Haugtrø and Trøndelag Ortopedisk Verksted. The piece was premiered at Dokkhuset, Trondheim on the 24th of November, 2014. Lighting design: Sune Schjelderup. Concept, music, choreography and video: Alwynne Pritchard. 

Alwynne Pritchard

Alwynne Pritchard is a British performer, composer, artist and curator based in Bergen on the West coast of Norway. She studied composition, piano and conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London and has a PhD in composition from the University of Bristol. Michael Finnissy and Linda Hirst (with whom she studied singing privately) are two of the teachers who have had the most impact on her work, as well as her father, the composer Gwyn Pritchard.

In her music and performances, Alwynne explores relationships between musical expression and the human voice and body. She has appeared as an actor, vocalist and physical performer in a number of stage productions, as well as directing and developing choreography for her work. In 2015, she formed the music-theatre company Neither Nor with her partner Thorolf Thuestad.

Alwynne’s compositions and performances have been heard across Europe, America and Indonesia and she has worked with leading musicians and ensembles across the globe. Decoy, created at the Heinrich Strobel Stiftung, Freiburg, in 2005 for the Donaueschingen Musiktage, was awarded the special prize given by the Foundation Ton Bruynèl, STEIM and the Foundation GAUDEAMUS.

From 2008 and until March 2014, Alwynne was Artistic Director of the Borealis festival in Bergen, Norway and from 2001 until 2008, she taught composition at Trinity College of Music in London. Alwynne also worked for many years as a freelance writer and presenter for BBC Radio 3. In January 2016, she took up the position of Artistic Director of the BIT20 ensemble. Alwynne Pritchard is managed by Maestro Arts and her music is published by Verlag Neue Musik.


Foto kreditt
Portrett: Sandra Jecmenica.
«Hospice Lazy». Foto: Alice Winnberg.

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