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marendagnyjuellMaren Dagny Juell

Maren Dagny Juell works with Virtual Reality installations video and sculpture. She received her MA from Chelsea College of Art (London) and has exhibited widely, including solo shows at Atelier Nord Oslo, Trafo Kunsthall, Trøndelag Senter For Samtidskunst, Akershus Kunstnersenter, Podium Oslo and group shows at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art and Stavanger Kunstmuseum. Moving image works have been screened internationally including The Australian video Biennial in Melbourne. Maren co-runs SHE WILL art space with Liv Tandrevold Eriksen.

Flexible Schedule (2019)

Flexible Schedule is a coworking inspired VR-installation by Maren Dagny Juell purpose-made for Atelier Nord’s office in Oslo. Juell has built a virtual copy of the space, in line with the creative entrepreneur’s need for a well-designed, flexible workplace in an open-plan layout. 

A series of goopy, tactile sculptures are mirrored as furnishings in the virtual version of the office and visitors are encouraged to touch. With Flexible Schedule, Juell explores how the sensory apparatus can receive input from a virtual and physical space simultaneously. She is also interested in how the body is subjugated by economic power structures through the use of language that praises flexibility.

In Juells VR praxis the body is explored, both through perception in VR but also though a material sculptural practice. She emphasises the split self though a digital and physical double. 

Additionally, she explores the power exercised by the artist (and institution) in the installing and staging of work. VR has the power to place the viewer in a vulnerable position and the dramaturgy of VR are considered elements.

Maren’s underlying motivation is to question how we relate to demands on the body and mind that are imposed on us in subtle ways, and expose methods of control and pressure you cannot see.



Foto kreditt
Portrett: Maren Dagny Juell
VR screenshot: Maren Dagny Juell


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