barents (mare incognitum)

a view of the Barents Sea slowly rotating: up becomes down, east becomes west.
Invisible borders and thresholds, and the potential for disaster inherent in the ocean.
Filmed at the border between Norway and Russia, pointing towards the North Pole, using my custom built orbital camera. Orbital is based on an idea of exploring spaces and landscapes using a video camera that slowly rotates around its own axis, and captures the world that revolves around it.

Commissioned for the Dark Ecology journey end of November 2015, presented in Nikel, Russia. Presented at EYE filmmuseum in Amsterdam in December 2015 in parallell to the Paris climate talks. On January 23rd 2016 it was shown as part of Klimafestivalen 112 in Oslo. Shown at HC Giljes solo exhibition at Kristiansand Kunsthall aug-oct 2016.

HC Gilje

HC Gilje has moved between installation, experimental video, live performance and set design since he graduated from the intermedia department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim in 1999.

He got a kickstart to his career with a one year residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin 2000-2001. Being a key figure in the live cinema scene from around 2000 (with 242.pilots and various other constellations) Gilje toured extensively throughout the world, while at the same time creating experimental videos presented at various film, art and festival venues. Some of the videos were also released on DVD (242.pilots live in Bruxelles on NYC label Carpark and HC Gilje Cityscapes released on Paris label lowave). Gilje was also quite active in theater and dance, mainly through his many-year collaboration with choreographer Eva Cecilie Richardsen. Together they established Kreutzerkompani with a yearly production from 2000 to 2006.

In 2006 Gilje changed direction, taking elements from his earlier practice (exploration of physical spaces in his videos, creation of spaces in his stage work and improvisation from his live work) into a longer term project he has called Conversations with Spaces. This project explores, mainly through large-scale installations, perception of change and transformation in the meeting between the ephemeral media of light, projection, sound and motion with physical structures. This has resulted in a series of installations labeled Projected Light Spaces and Projected Light Objects, as well as outdoor sound installations and more recently light-motion installations like in transit, revolver and trace.


Portrett foto: Zane Cerpina
Foto «BARENTS (MARE INCOGNITUM)» at Kristiansand Kunsthall av HC Gilje

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