«HUMANFUEL» av Hege Tapio


We humans spend a lot of our energies and creativity to devise new solutions such as biofuels. In this process it is easy to forget the invaluable resource that we can represent, it is time to direct the focus at ourselves.

HUMANFUEL is presented as a response to the hunt for alternatives to fossil fuel and posits an obligation to embrace a larger perspective to the Anthropocene – to include the human form in the biological chain of recycling – through the proposal of using human fat to fuel vehicles.

The quest of vanity might flip the perspectives of extorting and excavating the world for its natural resources. Human body fat is an oil that can be rendered and burned very easily into fuel like any other oil. Biodiesel is produced by transestherification of triglycerides with the aid of an alcohol such as ethanol or methanol, and a diesel engine can be powered by biodiesel without substantial modifications. Fuel derived from fat will give approximately the same mileage as regular diesel. In energy terms, the average BTU (British Thermal Unit) of a gallon of human body fat is actually 11% higher than the BTU of a gallon of diesel gasoline.

Hege Tapio

Hege Tapio is based in Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway. During her artistic and curatorial practice she has for a long time pursued her interest in the intersection of art, technology and science. With a kitchen bench DIY attitude and through artistic practice she has been inspired to how apparatuses, new technology and life science opens to renewed interpretation, creative misuse and critical thinking. Tapio is the founder and director of i/o/lab – Centre for Future Art.


Portrait foto av Zane Cerpina
Foto «HUMANFUEL» av Hege Tapio. Foto av Lea Nielsen.

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