«Hjernens innre» av Haraldur Karlsson 

DSC_0080 - Haraldur Karlsson

3287625154_fec8ec328c_o-Edit - Haraldur KarlssonHaraldur Karlsson 

Haraldur Karlsson har spesialisert seg i eksperimental videokunst de siste par tiår. Karlsson har diploma i Mixed-Media fra den islandske kunstskole i Reykjavik og BA diploma i Media-kunst fra AKI (Akademi for Kunst og Industri) Enchede, Holland. Videre til dette han studerte Sonologi over 3 år i Royal Konservatorium Den Haag under veiledning av Clarence Barlow professor. For mange år Karlsson jobbet ved Islandske kunst Akademi som leder av Media Lab, som han designet. Karlsson har hatt utstillinger, forestillinger og foredrag på Island, Holland, Belgia, England, Tsjekkia, Finland og Norge. Han er for tiden basert i Oslo og jobber med video-kunst oppdrager.

Hjernens innre

It was my original intention to use fragmented models of the of the brain as canvases in 3d space. I chose a tree in the beginning of the as entrance to the brain. I passed this oak tree few times north-east of Oslo until one day had to stop and just film it. It is one of Norway’s oldest oak around 1000 years known as The Old Master. This tree was made famous by the poet Jørgen Moe. I did not use any external sea creatures or other 3D models, but I freely moulded and sometimes multiplied chosen parts of the brain and melted in few movie clips that came to my mind. Norway are frontiers in some recent brain research like finding the area of the brain that acts like a GPS. It’s a small thing right behind the hippocampus and records our surroundings both microscopic and macroscopic in the shapes of hexagons. It happened as a parent I was entitled to all the material from my sons’ scans. The material did not look interesting in photoshop, so I learned to use various specialized MRI software where I got much better results. I use scientific tools but differ from scientists because I have full freedom to choose what and how I want to look at the brain. I think it is the same with any kind of art-medium, there is a basic form of the medium that can be moulded to any shape and to any meaning. For me, one of the interesting parts is the voyage of morphed reality between forms and meanings. I don’t know why it happen, but then it became a very systematic personal pattern of actions evolution and an itch to bring this project further. The Brain is still one of my biggest ongoing projects. I don’t know where it ends.


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