«Torn Tracks» av Jiska Huizing

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Torn Tracks (2015-)

Torn Tracks is a project in constant flux. It is based on a collection of a growing amount of audio pieces that do not have one final, fixed form. They can exist in various forms at the same time, be it one made in the studio, performed live or a field recording, and the possibility of them being re-recorded, replaced or taken away over time is never excluded.

The sounds for the tracks are recorded from Huizing’s immediate surroundings, reflecting a place(s), a specific landscape or view, a hike, an object or sensation found there. Such as: sounds heard in her studio, or from cleaning ice out of the freezer, a café where she sits down to write and hikes she makes. Sometimes these are combined with sounds of Huizing’s voice and electric violin, two tools from her daily environment. 

In November 2017 ‘www.torntracks.com’ was launched, the website that enables the public to immerse themselves into the project and also added a visual element to it. One can for example organise the tracks on place, chronologically or on pitch, each of these changing which tracks show up and how. The tracks create each other’s context. By categorising and showing the tracks in different ways, various contexts are created and consequently various options for how they can be heard and perceived. This website is in constant flux as well, and different ways of searching the collection will emerge and change over time.


Jiska Huizing

dsc05217-ideophone-records-e1574185000852.jpgJiska Huizing (1991, Groningen, NL) is a Dutch artist living and working in Oslo, Norway.

Her work is a reflection on the world’s coexisting realities; how everything is relative and in constant change. It contains a sense of searching and of wandering and it questions the way we perceive things and our surroundings, using various media including sound, photography, books, drawing, text and hikes. Huizing’s practice consists of several projects that develop over a longer period of time, either as a series of works or a work in constant flux. All projects interconnect through an interest in how we create systems and structure in order to reach a level of understanding, while they inherently contain certain instability as well. Based on this she builds collections, often with changing structures, which are activated by the viewer. The flexibility and openness offer space for curiosity, like blanks on a map.

www.jiskahuizing.nl   www.torntracks.com

Foto kreditt
Portrett: Anne Cecilie Lie
Website: Sketch Maps view. Foto: Jiska Huizing.

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