Treverk is a series of sound installations based on audio recordings of the minuscule movements of trees. The trees in which the recordings were originally captured make up the sculptural components of the installation. Transducers have been attached to the trees allowing the sound to be affected by the wood in real time, emphasizing wood as living rather than inanimate matter.

In the exhibition, visitors will encounter a variety of wood sculptures that actively fill the space with sound. The works range from small to larger structures that have been “colonized” by technology. In the context of these sculptures, technology is a tool that helps us hear something that would otherwise be unavailable to our senses. In this way, these works materialize sound that we are often unaware of, making the active existence inside of living organisms present.

By combining sound technology, materials from nature and the artistic medium of sculpture, Blattmann ́s work explores the complexity of the auditory information that surrounds us. Chance events and complex systems mix in a hybrid natural world where nature and technology are in dialog, in need of each other to bring forward their full potential.

Joakim Blattmann

Joakim Blattmann (Drammen, 1978) is a visual artist working at the intersection of sound, sculpture and composition. He holds a master’s degree (2012) from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art at NTNU. His most recent solo exhibition was at Østre in Bergen (2016). Recent performances include DIE MAUER IST WEG in collaboration with Clemens Wilhelm in Berlin (2017) and at the EKKO Festival in Bergen in collaboration with Ricardo del Pozo (2017). Blattmann frequently participates in group exhibitions, such as Østlandsutstillingen and Trøndelagsutstillingen. He currently lives and works in Oslo.



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