«Koka’s Beat Machine No. 4» av Koka Nikoladze


Koka’s Beat Machine No. 4

Koka’s Beat Machine No. 4 is an electroacoustic beat box with contact microphones, random objects on top of them and analog voltmeter needles hitting the objects.

I didn’t apply any effects to the output, only a tiny little compression, so the actual beat is just an amplified mix of tiny objects attached. I also didn’t have much time to work on musical details, so this is a quick & simple demo.

It’s truly fascinating how small insignificant objects sound when amplified. In this design I only used object I randomly found. So I’ll just list them down here:

1. A spring extracted from an oversized pen;
2. A steel wire extracted from a toaster with a plastic tube;
3. A painkiller pill – Morphine (snare drum);
4. A bent broken guitar string;
5. A shattered light bulb from our kitchen;
6. A safety pin from our blanket;
7. Some broken electronic components (leftovers);
8. A plastic strip of SMD resistors from garbage.

Koka Nikoladze

Koka Nikoladze is a Georgian artist based in Norway. Educated as a violinist and composer, with good skills of programming and developing technology, he believes that the will of creating is one of the most dominant human instincts, composes music and invents things all the time. Koka is often regarded as a post – composer. This umbrella covers a broad range of things, such as traditional composition, musical instrument design, performance, installation art, etc.

He lives and works in Norway. Now he conducts a PhD research project at the Norwegian Academy of Music with the main question: how to hack performers. He collaborates with a number of artists internationally and also holds lectures in composition and computer music worldwide.


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