«Mesophase» av Espen Tversland

mesph6360 - Espen Tversland

Mesophase (2017)

Mesophase. Digital animation for 1 or 4 screens. Projected on wall, floor to roof. The sexy beast as life is and always will be as an abstraction, a pulse, a flow towards a certain death

Espen+T_fotograf_Martin Losvik - Espen Tversland

Espen Tversland

Espen Tversland is a visual artist who studied at Statens Kunstakademiet, Oslo. He uses several different media and visual expressions in his artistic work. He creates with digital video, image processing and animation. His interests are the dynamics between human and nature. The artistic process involves solo-treks through nature. A performance-like state of mind to allow mystical and creative processes to arise. The quest is a visual expression of the personal experience of nature and vision.


Foto kreditt
Portrett: Martin Losvik.
«Mesophase». Foto: Espen Tversland.

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